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 Results 06.01.2019 

Results is here.
Pack with all prods.

 Voting 05.01.2019 20:00

Online voting is here -

 Realtime theme 05.01.2019 14:00

Theme for Realtime Paintover in this picture.
Time limit - 3 hours.

 Realtime theme 05.01.2019 12:00

Theme for Realtime ZX Spectrum 53c Graphics is 'Hard life of the dwarfs/gnomes'. Use any ZX-editor, or online editors this or this.
Time limit - 2 hours.

 Video stream 05.01.2019 11:11

Video stream will be here

 Realtime theme 04.01.2019 21:00

Theme for Realtime LowEnd Graphics is 'Secret of the mysterious island'. Allowed any retro platforms.
Time limit - 3 hours.

 Realtime theme 04.01.2019 18:00

Theme for ZX Spectrum Realtime AY Music in this audio fragment.
Time limit - 3 hours.

 Shedule 30.12.2018 

Demoparty will follow the following schedule (Moscow time GMT +03:00)

January 4th
14:00 open party
18:00 start Realtime AY/YM Music (3 hours)
20:59 stop Realtime AY/YM Music
21:00 start LowEnd Realtime Graphics (3 hours)
23:59 stop LowEnd Realtime Graphics

January 5th
12:00 start ZX Spectrum Realtime 53c Graphics (2 hours)
13:59 stop ZX Spectrum Realtime 53c Graphics
14:00 start Realtime Paint Over (3 hours)
16:59 stop Realtime Paint Over
17:00 final deadline for non-realtime compos
18:30 start online video
19:00 run of music compo, the start of online voting
21:00 run of all compo

January 6th
09:30 stop voting
10:00 awards
11:00 close party

There may be minor adjustments.

We remind you that the theme for the competition in real time will be published on our website immediately prior to each competition.

Talking: IRC channel #dihalt on, Telegram.

 DiHalt 2019 Winter edition 12.11.2018 

Date: 4-5-6 January 2019
Place: Russia, Nizhny Novgorod city, country cottage.
It is planned to broadcast video and online voting for all.
Remote participation allowed.

Russian English

DiHalt Lite 2019 is a festival of computer art, which will take a place on January, 4-5-6 in Nizhny Novgorod. More than 20 times DiHalt gathers the most progressive enthusiasts in different directions of computer art from Russia and from the neighbor countries.
- You can participate in competitions with works created for PC, Amiga, ZX-Spectrum and other 8bit computers.

- Previously released material is not allowed.
- Copyrighted material can only be used with authors permission.
- Each work should have a representative (determined by the author) to present it on the party and receive the prizes. In any case the author of the winning work will receive the diploma (by mail).

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